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one-way ticket

Your one-way ticket to integrating sports into your lifestyle.

With Ileseum, you get to be a part of a vibrant community that expresses itself through sport!

Sports Clubs have always been a reason for people to come together with a bond that’s close to the heart.

Ileseum Clubs are all set to carry the legacy of creating THE THIRD PLACE harmony between the work-life balance for people who integrate sports and fitness into their daily living.

Experience the impact of a fit and sporting lifestyle on healthy living that you wouldn’t want to leave.

Cultivate a 360° way of life for you and your family with Ileseum Clubs

What we are doing

What we are doing at GLC & undri!

Facilities we are providing.

At GLC, we have an exemplary SPORTS CLUB which is accessible 24×7 with over 24 world class sporting facilities spread across 14 acres of property.


At Ganga Glitz Undri, we have an existing SPORTS CLUB which is accessible 24×7 with over 5 world class sporting facilities spread across 25,000 sq ft of property.


Member Management

Member Management TRUESERVE®

TrueServe® Training is designed to enhance each staff member’s communications and problem-solving skills.

Manage your membership through the dedicated ILESEUM mobile application.

The power of your new sporting lifestyle now at a click of a button.

Access usage data, statics and advance athlete performance through the app on your phone and smart watch.